Steak with esclata-sangs

Ingredients: ½ kilo of mushrooms, 2 pork tenderloins, 4 tomatoes, 1 green pepper, 4 garlic cloves, ½ kilo of rice, 1 liter of water, saffron, salt and olive oil. Optionally you can add a small can of peas with garlic and parsley.

Preparation: Clean the mushrooms with a piece of clothing clean and dry without any water. If mushrooms are large, break them into pieces with your hands 4 or 5 cm. Although much better, if they are small.

Take salarlas and mushrooms and fry in a bowl of ground (not too). The we get the same oil and fry the pork tenderloin cut into dice. We cut the garlic and peppers as finely as possible and fry in the same bowl with the same oil over medium heat, and then add finely chopped tomatoes and if it can be quite bare.

We let the sauce is candy and add the sirloin (If we chose peas, we must add together the steak in the sauce). Here are a couple of laps and then is the time to add water. We must try the salt and add a pinch more if you believe necessary.

Then add the saffron and rice with a wooden spoon stir going to prevent the rice from sticking in the bowl. When we begin to see the water we drink, we add the mushrooms. We do this last to avoid getting rid of mushrooms.

We should not stirring while the rice was not drunk all the water and ready. Then we get a good bite of garlic and parsley and add it to the bowl 5 minutes before extinguishing the fire.