Ferreries, between hills and ravines

Situated, like Es Mercadal, on the road from Mahon to Ciudadela, Ferreries is inserted into the side of Sant Elm, in the foothills of Mount S ‘Enclusa, occupying a large hollow. Precisely the characteristic that best distinguishes this county from the rest of the island is its attention to, marked by the presence of numerous mountains with ravines and streams corresponding contrasts with the uniformity of the island. Well, in this county, except for El Toro that is in Es Mercadal, are located the highest mountains, as S’Enclusa (276m), followed by the Navy serralada sa Serra, which links to the West with the third highest mountain on the island, Santa Àgueda (264m).

Ferreries The origin seems to date back to 1301, when the king of Mallorca, Jaime III, founded the church of Sant Bartomeu on communal land. The development of the population dependent on a principle of the fortress of Santa Agueda and later in Es Mercadal, was very slow.

Agricultural and industrial population

The old Ferreries, formed by a network of charming narrow streets, is well worth a visit, especially the upper area, which extends near the church of Sant Bartomeu. The temple was built in the eighteenth century on an earlier church and is the most prominent building in town.

Other interesting events include the Centre de la Natura de Menorca, the Museum of Binisues or Hort de Sant Patrici; good places to visit the main attractions of the natural Menorca.

Ferreries average agricultural population and the industrial environment is internationally known for its shoe factories that combine craftsmanship and the quality and style of the moment.

In the vicinity of the population, we find turquoise water beaches: Cala GaldanaTrebaluger or Cala Mitjana.

Finally, note that among the specialities of the kitchen Ferreries claims a special place The partridge with cabbage.

Interesting Points

Carretera del General
Plaça de la Constitució
Plaça del Príncep D. Juan Carlos
Avinguda de la Verge del Toro
Plaça Espanya
Carrer Pau Pons
Carrer Fred

Interesting Visits

Fábrica de calzado
Castillo de Santa Águeda
Museo de Binissuès
Hort de Sant Patrici
Barranc d’Algendar

Interesting buildings

Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu
Centro de Natura de Menorca


Cala Galdana
Cala Mitjana
Cala Mitjaneta
Ets Alocs
Cala Macarrà
Cala Fustam