Northern Marine Reserve of Minorca

Unique marine species, shipwrecks, breathtaking caves … are some examples Marine Reserve lies north of Menorca. The protected area is between Cap Gros and Punta des Morter.

Diving in Menorca is an integral activity that combines sport and leisure, which gives fans many benefits and satisfaction, plus a large separate experience daily life experiences.

Physiological and social benefits

Scuba diving, if it is developed under professional supervision, generates broad skills such as setting and self-confidence in the aquatic environment, improving psychomotor control and body balance, and in turn, provides important physiological benefits as it creates stronger role heart and circulation, increased lung capacity and breathing, muscle tone, stimulate metabolic processes, and so on.

At the social level, is a group activity that encourages the conduct of camaraderie, cooperation, partnership, integration and socio-emotional values.

Diving Menorca two ways of practice: Apnea (also called snorkelling) and Scuba (scuba diving). Both techniques are in the category for sport or recreation. Despite being a safe activity, demand accountability on the part of its practitioners. Therefore, proper training with a specialized company of the island, the knowledge and application of security measures, and respect for aquatic organisms, is central to the practice of this great activity.

Crystalline waters, unique species, natural caves, unforgettable moments with loved ones and much more is what you’ll find on the seabed of Menorca.