Recipe that requires skill

To make the pasta: 1200gr of flour, 400 grams of fat pork, 1 large piece of baking yeast, 1 cup of hot water.

After grazing the above ingredients until a paste or thin and strong, we will put the dough in a bowl, so we will cover with a tea towel and let dough rest for about 40 minutes.

Filling: ½ kilo of brossat, 3 eggs (the egg whites and yolks separately), ¼ kilo of sugar, the skin of a lemon and two tablespoons of flour strength.

Preparation: First, chop the lemon skin with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar. Within brossat mixing bowl with egg yolks, sugar, minced lemon rind and flour strength. If necessary, you can add more flour to force when making the paste filler.

With suet dough balls be made similar in size to a small egg and will be passed by the mixer.Then there should be a round base which will add one or two tablespoons of the filling, then we will cover with another pasta disc will cut grease and mold with formatjades of brossat.

Once they are all cut, they placed over a baking tray to fill it. We put them in the oven at medium heat for 20 minutes.