Facts you should know

Forbidden articles for the passenger and their hand baggage:

  • Firearms (all type of firearms: guns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.), as well as reproductions of firearms and of imitation, or, pieces coming from firearms.
  • Another type of weapons: guns and compressed air rifles and shotgun of pellets, guns starter, guns of balls, of industrial use, harpoons and fishing rifles, apparatuses to stun and to produce the discharge.
  • Piercing objects or with the edge: axes, darts and arrows, harpoons, picks for ice, automatic knives or of spring of any longitude, kitchen knives of shaving, sables, machetes, bisturís, scissors whose leaves overcome the 6 cm of longitude, etc.
  • Overwhelming Instruments: baseball bats, hockey sticks and golf, oars, monopatines, billiards tacos, fishing canes, teams for martial (metal nudilleras, sticks, clubs, etc.) arts.
  • Chemical and toxic substances: acids and alkalis, corrosive (mercury, chlorine, etc.) substances, nebulizadores neutralizadores or disabling, radioactive (isotopes for medical use) material, poisons, apparatuses extinguishers and materials with inflammation capacity or spontaneous combustion.

Travel without borders

– Explosive and inflammable substances: ammunition, fulminating, detonators and fuses, loads of military use, grenades, gas and bombings of gas, artifice fires, matches, paint thinner and solvent of painting.

– Liquids: the number of liquids that can spend searching the controls of security is restricted, the following cases are only allowed: 1) contained liquids in containers singular of 100ml of maximum capacity, contained in turn in an only bag of transparent plastic with the closing system and capacity non-superior to a litre. 2) liquids that should be used during the trip by necessities prescribe or special diets, including infantile food. 3) liquids and gels (drinks, perfumes, cosmetic) bought in the same day in the commercial establishments that are past once the controls of security of any community airport, packed meetly, and without opening up until their final destination.

Passengers with mobility reduced:

In the environment of the air transport the current legislation define a person with disability or Passenger with Reduced Mobility to “all person whose mobility to use the transport is reduced by reasons of physical (sensorial or locomotive, permanent or storm) disability, disability or intellectual deficiency, or any otherdisability cause, or for the age, and whose situation requires an appropriate attention and the adaptation to their necessities peculiar of the on service to the other passengers'” disposition. To be able to guarantee a correct benefit of the services, it is necessary that he/she informs of their necessities (to request a service of seat of wheels in the airport or an accompaniment service for blind people) at the moment to make the reservation and, in any event, always with a minimum of 48 hours of advance to the exit of their flight. Not forget that with the installation of the Regulation of European Union 1107/2006, the attendance in earth to Passengers with reduced mobility has become responsibility of the Agents Aeroportuarios or of the agents in that this delegate, so that the air companies need a minimum time to be able to communicate to the agent of the services which their necessities are. Inside the territory of European Union, the attendance of Passengers with reduced mobility begins from the arrival from this to the airport, where it will contact the entity in charge of the service of attendance. They took charge of lending the necessary attendance, facilitating their traffic for the airport and helping him/her in their management, among others, to carry out their billing.