Sport and nature in Menorca

Menorca offers us the opportunity to practice a multitude of sports, all in full contact with nature. In its innumerable inner rural roads, there are various hiking, horseback or cycling routes. The star route is the “Camí de Cavalls” (20 routes to know the coast of the island through its excursions). The full contact with the sea, Menorca is a perfect setting for water sports, as well as live true adventures with the sea of actors.

Different activities to perform in Menorca

Named the island of the wind, Menorca is the dream scenario for any candle lover. The island has three nautical stations (Maó, Ciutadella and Fornells), which offer a complete nautical service to its visitors. In this sport, we must highlight the various events that are organized on the island, such as La Copa del Rey Panerai, La Copa del Rey de Barcos de época …

In addition, in the main tourist developments, we can rent boats, take part in sea trips or diving in the most spectacular seabeds in the Mediterranean. In each dive, especially in the Marine Reserve of the North, we find unique marine species, caves and remains of shipwrecks.

Canoeing is another very good way to live in Menorca. If we practice it we will be able to discover numerous different marine caves and impressive cliffs, as well as getting access to coves of exclusive access by sea.

Another of the most extreme activities that we can do in Menorca is based on sports climbing. Climbing imposing cliffs by the sea is a challenge that all those who are encouraged to practice it will feel the pleasant sensation of self-improvement. There are different types of companies that dedicate themselves to renting the necessary equipment to carry out this sport and even a monitor accompanies you to show you the most basic techniques to carry it out.

Golf enthusiasts have the opportunity to travel through the 18 holes of the Golf Son Saura, the only field on the island.

Menorca offers endless possibilities to connect with the most extreme nature. Perfect activities for groups, couples, children or solo.