Cycling through Menorca, a fun and creative option to travel

There are many advantages offered by bicycle touring in Menorca. In addition to being an economic, ecological and healthy means of transport. It is fun, simple, and offers the possibility of touring the island, in full contact with nature. You can make excursions either as a group or as a couple since there are many trails for the circulation of bicycles in Menorca.

Probably, we can affirm that the bicycle has become the means of urban transport par excellence. Many countries enjoy this simple environment and therefore have their infrastructures enabled for their use. Menorca is a perfect territory to travel by bicycle. The distances between different points of interest are not very long and the natural landscapes through which you can pedal are fascinating. Another key point to visit Menorca by bike is that there are no pronounced differences. The highest point does not exceed 360 meters in height.

Roads, Road or City on Bike

Evidently, pedalling by road or through the urban centres of the towns is much more rested than travelling on roads. However, the roads offer views that from the road we would hardly appreciate, they are much calmer as far as cars are concerned, and, normally, it is much easier to find a discrete place to camp.

Menorca has excellent cycle routes. Being able to cross different forests and areas of environmental protection, visit different megalithic villages, discover hidden and lonely coves, it is a pleasure for all those who decide to know Menorca with pedals. Countless corners that will invite you to pause the rhythm and contemplate the beauty of the natural environment of the island, declared a Biosphere Reserve.

Main events:

  • Volta Benorca BBT
  • Camí de Cavalls Epic 360
  • Vuelta Cicloturista Internacional Menorca