The seabed of the Balearics

If we look fixedly at the Mediterranean Sea we can contemplate a kind of blue mirror of uniform appearance, modified in some cases by the action of the wind. But what is truly fascinating is what this sea keeps inside, an underwater world with more disparate environments and ecosystems than we currently know in the terrestrial environment.

At present, in the Balearic Islands and the habitat of the platform and the continental slope are known in relative detail. The Balearic continental shelf extends in relatively smooth slope from the coast to about 200 meters deep and its upper continental slope goes up to 800 and 1000 meters deep.

Discover Menorca under the sea

If Menorca is already fascinating on the mainland, under the sea is truly a spectacle. If you dive into its waters, you can see fish of all colors, starfish, octopus roaming freely and inhabiting the holes in the rocks, a unique marine flora and a wide variety of aquatic species living among fascinating underwater caves . If you like to dive and you are in Menorca, you’re in luck!

The good conservation status of the Menorcan seabed is mainly due to the oceanic Posidonia forests, which balance the low life of the sea. During the winter, the strong storms deposit this plant on the sand of the beaches. So much is the amount that comes off and ends on the sand that prevents it from disappearing, dragged by the sea.

Diving in Menorca

If you come to Menorca, you can not miss one of the star activities of the island. Diving. No matter the age or if you are a beginner or expert, Menorca offers you the possibility to get started in this fascinating sport. If you already have experience in diving, the seabed of Menorca will amaze you.

Menorca was declared a biosphere reserve in 1993, joining a select “club” of territories around the world that are part of this community. This makes Menorca a paradise for diving and one of the last virgin areas of the Mediterranean. In order to continue protecting this area, in 1999 the Marine Reserve of the North of Menorca was established. It is a protected area in which we can enjoy numerous species that represent the biodiversity of this area. There are spectacular areas for diving, from places of easy access, to areas of maximum difficulty. We highlight the cave of Pont d’en Gil, it is a fascinating underwater cave for those who want to explore it diving to a depth of about 300 meters.

The rocky bottoms of Menora, the abundant life and the caves make immersion in these waters a unique experience.