Golf in Menorca, an addictive game

There is a single golf course in Menorca and this is in Son Parc. It was until the late eighties when the British Hugh Brow founded the Son Parc de Golf Club and established his passion for golf on the island. Unlike Mallorca, which has 23 golf courses, in Menorca we find only a single installation on the whole island.

It was not easy, to build a golf course in Menorca to Hugh Brown. Since he started this project, in 1988 until they finished building the 18 holes with which he currently has, they spent 20 years. The necessary permits to finish the Son Parc golf course clashed strongly with a shelter of local flora and fauna. Hugh Brown, had the support of Dave Thomas, player of the famous Ryder Cupy runner-up of the British Open to design the new field and modify the existing one.

In August 2006 the second phase of the project was completed, giving the only golf course in Menorca 18 holes.

During 2013, the Son Parc Golf Course changed owners, acquired by the company Golf Son Saura through which they continue to promote the field throughout Europe to attract the maximum number of players. Having a single golf course, the promotion of this sport on the island is linked to the realization of other parallel activities promoting at all times, avoiding the seasonality suffered by Menorca.

Events such as the Week of Golf or the Menorca Open, as well as the different tournaments that take place without having to be subscribed, are actions that aim to bring the Menorca golf course to the residents of the island and to the lovers of this sport in the outside.

For all those who visit the island and wish to do a fun activity in Menorca, Golf can be your solution. From initiation courses to championships of experienced players. Spend a nice day in Menorca, meet people and if you still are not, love this sport.