Horse riding in Menorca

Rarely an animal identifies an animal with a land like the Minorcan horse with Menorca. On the island, we find a culture deeply rooted in the horse. A race preserved over the centuries and today more than ever is present throughout the territory of Minorca. In Menorca, it is said that there are more horses than Menorcans and that is why doing horse riding activities in Menorca is a more than recommended action.

The Minorcans’ fondness for the care and enjoyment of native racehorses goes beyond the excellent role they play in the patron saint festivities of the island. In addition, competitions are held annually to preserve the qualities of the native breed, as well as multiple offers of equestrian activities where showy trotting and gallop races are appreciated, with the usual betting game.

In this way, for all those who love the equestrian world and want to be trained in the Menorcan or classical dressage, or take a nice walk around the island, below we provide the main clubs located in Menorca.

Equestrian Clubs and Riding Schools

Equestrian Clubs:

  • Club Escuela Menorquina
  • Club Hípico Alaior
  • Club Hípico Ferreries
  • Club Hípico Ciutadella
  • Club Hípico Maó
  • Club Hípico Sa Creueta
  • Club Hípico Ses Ramones

Riding schools:

  • Escuela Ecuestre Menorquina
  • Grupo Caballeros Cuadras Bintaufa

Equestrian activities for children:

Pony Club

Equustur European Project: Development of an equestrian tourism product in Menorca.

The proposed route runs along the Camí de Cavalls between Son Saura (Ciutadella) and Cala en Porter (Alaior) and consists of 40 kilometres, divided into two sections 25 and 15 kilometres each.

This project aims to increase the tourism potential of added value in specific countries and European regions, to exchange knowledge and experience innovative, involve public and private sectors, improving the status of the services and job creation.