The footprint of the British Empire

Population centre in the suburb emerged formed outside the walls of the imposing San Felipe Castle, Charles I gave the order to build by 1554 in order to protect the entrance of Port Mahon.

Es Castell is situated between Cala Corb and Cales Fonts, about two miles from Mahon. It is the smallest municipality of the eight in which it is divided territorial and administrative structure of the island. Founded by the British between 1771 and 1781, was named Georgetown, which, after the occupation of Minorca by the Franco-Spanish troops, was swapped in the Villacarlos-in honour of Carlos III, while the Islanders continue to refer to it Es Castell.

Cales Fonts is one of the most picturesque places

The urbanism of Es Castell responds to a geometric design. His last military vocation is easy to recognize where the parade was great and now large central plaza, flanked by his white barracks and the town hall, Town Hall and also a military museum, which marks the traditional mess. The whitewashed houses, many of them with features English-hung windows-urban structure gives a unique profile.

Its buildings deserve special mention is the church of Nuestra Senora del Rosario, built between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, to replace the temple that was in the suburb of San Felipe, and before the chapel of the same name located in the interior of the fortress. Inside are preserved stone altarpieces VALUE. Among other noteworthy was the altar of St. James and St. Peter (s. XVIII).

It is a tourist town with a great future, coupled with Cales Fonts, which offers the charm of its fishing port and their cosy caves turned into picturesque bars.

There are many restaurants that line this beautiful sailor, which also taste the typical cuisine of Menorca, can enjoy live music on more than one occasion.

In regard to hosting you can find hotel Es CastellMenorca which enjoys a privileged location beside the sea, in the quiet town.

Interesting Points

Carrer de Sant Josep
Carrer Stuart
Carrer Gran
Carrer Victori
Carrer Cales Fonts
Cala Corb

Interesting visits

Cales Fonts
Moll d’en Pons
Museo Militar de Menorca
Castillo de San Felipe
Fuerte Marlborough
Torre d’en Penjat

Interesting Buildings

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Cuarteles y Casas Consistoriales


Cala Corb
Cala Pedrera
Cala de Sant Esteve