Ses Fontanelles, Cala Corb, Cales Fonts and Cala Pedrera

Es Castell flows into the sea in three bays. The first is located at the entrance of the city, Ses Fontanelles. There’s the old dock from which the patients were shipped to the military hospital of King Island, which is provided opposite.

Cala Corb drink concentrates several bars and shows. The most famous of all is “Es Cau”.

Cala Corb broader, and more occupied by bars and restaurants in the picturesque bay of Cales Fonts, so named because it is streamed down several sources, have now vanished. It’s another meeting place of the port of Mahon, with terraces overlooking the sea and a beautiful panorama. Several boats depart from here on summer tours are nearby, as well as the communication service with the Lazaretto. In short, highly recommended visit for every kind of visitor.

The Castle of San Felipe and Fort Marlborough

Cala Pedrera, continuing to the output port have been put up as an urbanized beach. Here begins the development of Sol del Este, which reaches almost to the cemetery in Es Castell.

The road then forks. Continuing in the same direction you enter the military compound in San Felipe. This strength has its star-shaped plant was built in the second half of the sixteenth century to protect the entrance of the port of Mahon. In total, he rode about 800 pieces of artillery, of which, 300 calibre and 22 mortars. No wonder that alone constituted the key to the possession of any Menorca.

For the other direction, you reach the cove of Sant Esteve. There lies the Fort Marlborough, a defence built by the British between 1710 and 1716, who took the name of the famous Mambrú: General Sir John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, who fought in the War of Spanish Succession. The particularity of this fort is that it is built at ground level, with a great moat and surrounded by underground galleries.