El Barranc de Trebalúger and el Barranc d’Algendar, excellent routes

Ferreries is located in a small valley surrounded by hills which are no larger than 200 meters. There is a difference between its old quarter, running around the church of Sant Bartomeu (1870), and the modern widening that reaches the stream, with its course, gives rise to “Barranc de Trebaluger”.

The old charm is odd corners, like the Carrer de sa Font.

Cala Galdana, one of the busiest beaches

Ferreries hugging output are S’Enclusa military installations (the Anvil). From here the road to Cala Galdana, without doubt, one of the most famous beaches in Menorca. The route passes over Trebalúger ravine on the left. From the camping site, S’Atalaia can reach the homes of Horts of Trebalúger and Cala Trebalúger, completely untouched.

Shortly before going into Cala Galdana, at kilometre 6, there is a path to the left that leads to some old quarries. And from there to Cala Mitjana, which stands at the mouth of a river, is also of great beauty.

Cala Galdana was formed by the alluvium of the “barranc d’Algendar” which in its last section is a wetland with numerous waterfowl. Its hemispherical shape, surrounded by high cliffs and forests, making it a magnificent natural scenery. In the immediate run plenty of bars and restaurants and miniature golf facility and speciality shops in rental boats. It is one of the busiest neighbourhoods throughout the area. Highly recommended for the whole family.

Ferreries Turning to the other side of the cemetery, a road leads to the best-known ravine, which leads Algendar name in Cala Galdana. You enter the home of the ravine fairly easily, and once there he enters a gorge between trees, rumours of water, caves and shadows, which is really surprising.

On the way to Ciutadella and approximately at kilometre 31.5, a deviation to the right leads to one of the most important historical sites of the island, the Castell de Santa Agueda. Following this road, known as the Camí dels Alocs, and shortly after 500 miles, can take a break in Binisues, a manor house put up as restaurant Menorca, which set out various antiques and objects associated with rural areas.

The strength is not accessible by car. You have to park and continue the ascent on foot. The route, which can take around half an hour, follows the old Roman road, which is preserved only in a few instalments. From the top of the hill, 264 meters, it enjoys extraordinary views of the North Coast.