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Undoubtedly, another area that distinguishes Menorca and goes back to the eighteenth century is that of Jewellery. Each year the Fair International Jewelry Manufacturers Eurobijoux.

Mainly in the centres of Ciutadella and Mahon, tourists can visit several shops in the area, which will find design, elegance, antiquity or modernity at different prices and tastes.

The history of jewellery and jewellery in Menorca

In the industrial history of Menorca, jewellery, together with footwear, have always played a prominent role until it was placed during the 20th century as one of the areas in Spain where this type of product was produced the most. Such was the level of employment generated by the costume jewellery industry in Menorca at the beginning of the 20th century that there were twenty-one jewellery workshops in which more than three thousand women worked. Due to the dimensions of the island and the volume of women who worked outside the home during that time, the data is really important.

In the mid-nineteenth century, there was a boom in manufacturing bags of silver and gold mesh with an export level exceeding eight tons. It consisted of a clothing accessory in which the women of the island “wove” the silver inspired by the way the fishermen repaired their fishing nets. This situation led to the manufacture of silver and gold chains to the production of fancy items.

In 1929 the industry suffered a severe crisis in its exports and closed most of the workshops. From here, the first stage of diversification began, which made each manufacturer opt for a different path. Among them, products made with brass, alpaca or copper, as ornaments for combing, cutlery and even footwear.

In 1976 the SEBIME fair (Menorquina costume jewellery week) officially acquired the title of National Fair of Costume Jewellery and related industries. This is where SEBIME became the Spanish costume jewellery and accessories industry association. In 1986 the internationalization of the Jewellery and Accessories Fair was renamed EuroBijouox. In this way, it reinforced its pan-European character, acquiring new roles and commitments with Europe until it became the benchmark institution in the jewellery and accessories sector in international markets.

In 2007 the creation of the European brand Euro fashion Bijoux was established as the first European brand of jewellery and accessories of quality, design and fashion, as a result of the agreement of SEBIME and MIBI.