Shopping Center in Menorca

If you are looking for a large shopping centre on the island where you can go shopping in Menorca, you will have it complicated. The only shopping centre that exists in Menorca is Binipreu. Here you can find from a large supermarket with typical products of Menorca to pharmacy, clothing, toys or home. In this shopping centre, you can buy items from major brands such as Desigual, Espirit, Bóboli, Macson, Vero Moda, Only, etc. It is the largest establishment on the island in a single multi-brand space just 5 minutes from Mahon Airport. It has free parking and a fun centre for the little ones.

Small shops in Menorca

Menorca is strongly committed to small businesses and this is where we can get some typical Menorcan products in specialized stores, as well as in the artisan markets that are organized in most towns.

The island’s artisans mainly work in ceramics, esparto, jewellery and leather. Although the most popular product among visitors is, undoubtedly, Menorcan. That we can find it in many stores scattered around all the towns of the island, as well as in the factories where they are produced. Menorca is proud of its products and that is why we can find small shops if we walk through the urban centres of Menorca, offering our own products such as food products, jewellery, footwear or ceramics and esparto.

In addition to the many shops on the island, you can visit some intentionally known footwear factories. In them, we will have the opportunity to discover the latest trends of Menorcan fashion, which is distinguished by combining traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs. In addition to being spectators of how the shoes that we see in their stores are manufactured.

Flea markets in Menorca
The markets during the summer season in Menorca are very frequent in all the towns of the island. In them, we can find a variety of products from food, jewellery, ceramics, footwear, leather, drawings, etc.

During the summer season, it is very common to see different markets at many points of the island, such as Cales Fonts (Es Castell), Mercadal or Alaior among others. It is also very common to find trays of handicrafts in the different tourist walks of the urbanizations of Menorca.

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